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Lo que debe saber sobre el ejercicio después de la cirugía de columna

What You Should Know About Exercising After Spine Surgery Fuente Este artículo es originalmente publicado en:   De y Todos los derechos reservados para: Written by Kelly Rehan; Reviewed by Dwight S. Tyndall, MD, FAAOS and Gerard Malanga, MD Peer Reviewed © 1999-2018 Vertical Health, LLC This information is not designed to replace a …

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La modulación específica del tejido adiposo de la médula ósea vertebral por la actividad física

Specific Modulation of Vertebral Marrow Adipose Tissue by Physical Activity   Fuente Este artículo es originalmente publicado en:;jsessionid=74B9E1560E30F66FCB8F35B6004ABC2B.f04t04?systemMessage=Please+be+advised+that+we+experienced+an+unexpected+issue+that+occurred+on+Saturday+and+Sunday+January+20th+and+21st+that+caused+the+site+to+be+down+for+an+extended+period+of+time+and+affected+the+ability+of+users+to+access+content+on+Wiley+Online+Library.+This+issue+has+now+been+fully+resolved.++We+apologize+for+any+inconvenience+this+may+have+caused+and+are+working+to+ensure+that+we+can+alert+you+immediately+of+any+unplanned+periods+of+downtime+or+disruption+in+the+future.   De:   Belavy DL1, Quittner MJ1, Ridgers ND1, Shiekh A2, Rantalainen T1, Trudel G3. J Bone Miner Res. 2018 Jan 16. doi: 10.1002/jbmr.3357. [Epub ahead of print]   Todos los derechos reservados para: …

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